uni DTB – Deboning and Trimming Belt

articleIn primary red meat processing applications, long service lifetimes and easy-to-clean properties are key characteristics for conveyor belts.

Impressions from US – uni MPB 20% Nub Top

articleChristopher Amargo, product marketing manager in US, presents uni MPB 20% Open Nub Top.

Impressions from US – uni MPB 25% Cone Top

articleErnie Santorelli, industry segment manager in US, presents uni MPB 25% Open Cone Top.

uni MPB 20% Open Nub Top

articleWe have designed this belt with a unique non-stick contact surface specifically engineered for both Seafood and Fruit & Vegetable processing, with nubs that are evenly spread and, wherever possible, not configured in straight lines, reducing wet product adherence to the belt and thereby cutting product waste and increasing cleanability.

uni MPB 25% Open Cone Top

articleThe uni MPB 25% Open Cone Top belt is specifically designed for fish and seafood processing, an ideal product for light to medium product transportation, for incline and decline applications.

Superior Performance in all Directions

articleMultidirectional conveyance: Ball design allows your goods to be conveyed or transferred in any direction.

uni AMB – Our Strongest Belt Ever!

articleThe ultimate solution for higher loads. uni AMB benefits from the same unique and patented design principles and insert technology as our successful uni ACB and uni CSB.

Replacement of 270 meter spiral belt

articleDiscover why so many companies around the world rely on Ammeraal Beltech belting prodcts.

uni Flex L-OSB Direct Drive System

articleIntroducing the uni Direct Drive System™ – A new generation Spiral system. Designed to be best in class and destined to become the new industry favorite.

uni MPB 25% Open: Fish Processing Belt

articleThe new uni MPB 25% Open modular belt is now available. This is an extension of the existing belt range.

uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket

articleWith unique features that combine all the benefits of a traditional two-part sprocket system – ease of installation and replacement, less downtime and lower maintenance costs – with unparalleled advantages in hygiene and cleaning, this innovative belt sprocket is delivering outstanding hygienic performance in demanding applications across the food