Mitsubishi Electric logic controller / Compact PLC / Modular PLC


Mitsubishi Electric PLCs are simple to use. We have reduced many complex actions to a single instruction, making our PLCs much easier to program.

We design and build our PLCs to the highest international standards gaining many marine and other special approvals in the process. We do this as part of our drive to supply the best quality products possible.

A prime example of Mitsubishi Electric quality is the widespread use of our components in the global auto industry, where zero tolerance of product failure is fast becoming the norm.

Logic controllers
These Mitsubishi Electric products are called ALPHA controllers. They are small compact units with input/output (I/O), CPU, memory, power supply and HMI built into a single unit. The units are programmed with a very intuitive Function Block-style programming tool (AL-PCS/ WIN).

Compact PLCs
Compact PLCs are widely used in applications ranging from machine control to networked systems. Mitsubishi Electric’s famous FX3 and FX5 range of PLCs are some of the most popular compact PLCs on the market, as demonstrated by sales of over 17 million controllers worldwide. Compact PLCs contain I/O, CPU, memory and power supply in a single unit. Moreover, it can extend its capabilities by selecting different options such as I/O, analogue, temperature control, positioning and simple motion. One of the most popular additions is a networking connection. Network options can include Ethernet, Profibus DP, CC-Link, DeviceNetTM as well as CANopen and SAE J1939.

Modular PLCs
Modular controllers like Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSEC L series, iQ-R series and MELSEC System Q are high-performance PLC systems with broad functionality. The range, power and function of these high-end PLCs is impressive, with operation times measured in nanoseconds. They are equipped with a separate power supply, CPU, I/O and special options mounted on a backplane. Additional backplanes can be added as the system expands. Their modular architecture makes it easy to configure these controllers for any task. Modular PLCs comprise a power supply, one or more CPU modules and I/O and/ or special function modules. These special function modules include analogue, communications and network modules and a special MES interface. A Web server module is also available for Internet access. The CPU comes with an integrated Ethernet port for easy access to this standard network.

Mitsubishi Electric inverters and drives

Frequency inverters offer a good example of a widely accepted, widely used automation technology. Inverters allow engineers greater control over a motor’s speed and torque performance. Increasingly, inverters are also seen as a simple but important way to reduce energy costs. Today, over 23 million Mitsubishi Electric frequency inverters are in operation around the world in a wide range of applications.

FR-D700 SC
Mitsubishi Electric’s entry level series combines ultra-compact dimensions with a wealth of new functions, including an emergency stop input for reliable stopping. Current vector control ensures that this frequency inverter can always deliver high torque, even at low speeds. An integrated brake transistor enables direct connection of a brake resistor for better braking performance. The FR-D700 SC is the ideal choice for driving fans, agitators and conveyor belt systems

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FR-E700 SC
Improved functions and capabilities make the FR-E700 SC inverters an economical and universal choice for a huge range of applications such as conveyor belts, hoists, stage systems, pumps, fans and extruders. Features include an integrated USB port, safe stop inputs for safety stop function, improved power delivery in the low-speed range, options for controlled shut down and a slot in which you can install one of the many available option cards for the 700 series.

Many frequency inverter drives save power but the FR-F800 saves more. Its innovative AOEC technology (Advanced Optimum Excitation Control) ensures that exactly the right magnetic flux is always applied to the motor for maximum motor efficiency and minimum power consumption. FR-F800 inverters are particularly well suited for pump and fan, HVAC and building services applications.

The frequency inverters of the FR-A800 series deliver high-end performance and power. Their RSV (Real Sensorless Vector control) technology ensures maximum torque and optimum smooth running. For greater flexibility these inverters have four overload ranges, options for controlled shutdown and integrated PLC functions. With their dynamic performance the FR-A800 inverters are ideal for cranes and hoisting gear, high-shelf storage systems, extruders, centrifuges, winding systems and positioning applications for IM and PM Motors.

Mitsubishi Electric servomotors and motion controllers


Plug and Play
Mitsubishi Electric servo and motion solutions offer easy system building and configuration based on PC “plug and play” concepts.

Speed and performance
Servomotors allow users to create automation solutions that are faster, more precise and more compact. Mitsubishi Electric has been pushing forward the boundaries of servomotor design, creating ultra compact brushless motors. All motors of the MR-JE series have an encoder with a resolution of 131,072 pulses per revolution. All motors of the MR-J4 series have an encoder with a resolution of 4,194,304 pulses per revolution. This permits greater machine speed and accuracy

Powerful amplifiers
A wide spectrum of Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 series amplifiers is available, ranging in power from 100 W to 37 kW for 200 V operation, and 600 W to 55 kW for 400 V systems. With such a wide choice of types and series users are sure to find the solution they need.

With a speed frequency response of up to 2500 Hz Mitsubishi Electric servo systems offer world class performance.

Motor solutions for all
Featuring the most advanced concentrated winding techniques and the latest technology, Mitsubishi Electric servomotors are among the most compact on the market. Motors are available in a range of options from 50 W to 55 kW in different designs, including specialised motors such as hollow shaft and pancake designs that suit most application needs. Moreover, Mitsubishi Electric’s low, ultralow and medium inertia motor designs allow users to select the best motor characteristics for their application.

Motion controllers
Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive range of solutions for positioning tasks and high-end motion control. Options include simple pulse train positioning controllers and dedicated motion cards. And for the most complex applications there are dedicated MELSEC System Q and iQ-R series motion CPUs. Users are able to select the type and style of control they are most familiar with, making system construction fast and efficient

Mitsubishi Electric robots / articulated arm / SCARA

Robots are already widely accepted as a cost-effective solution for high-speed, high-accuracy pick-and-place applications as well as some basic assembly tasks

Thoughtful design
Due to the new motors developed by Mitsubishi Electric, the high arm rigidity and the unique controller technology the robots of the FR series achieve the highest speed in their class.

Ease of connection
Mitsubishi Electric robot arms feature a single connection point for power and pneumatics, making setup and commissioning easier. In addition, each robot has bodymounted compressed air and signal connections mounted locally to the gripper flange for ease of use.

Standard gripper plates
All arm gripper mounting flanges are designed and built-in accordance with ISO9409‑1, ensuring ease of connection to the user’s choice of robot hand.


Articulated arm robots
The range of the articulated-arm robots of the RV series starts with the powerful compact class with a payload from 2 kg up to the power pack with a payload of 70 kg. These robots are also available as a long arm version. Higher handling weights and a larger movement area can be realised by the compact and slim construction of the robot arm. The standard protection class of IP67 allows the operation of the robots in industries like food, beverage and packaging.

SCARA robots
Mitsubishi Electric’s range of SCARA robots divides into two categories. The small RP-ADH robots feature outstanding repeatability (+/- 0.005 mm) at very high speed, making them ideal for micro assembly tasks and the population and soldering of SMD circuit boards. The robots of the RH-FRH series are suitable ex factory for a multitude of industrial applications and can be adopted intersectoral. A cycle time of only 0.29 s for the 12″ cycle ensures highly precise and powerful operation for increasing productivity on-site. By protection class IP54 and utilisation of lubrication grease suitable for use in food industry. The robots are capable of being fully integrated. The wiring routed inside the robot and led through at the ball screw end offers protection and safety.

Mitsubishi Electric low voltage / energy monitoring


Mitsubishi Electric has been active in the low voltage (LV) switchgear market since 1933. Ever since Mitsubishi Electric developed and manufactured the first moulded case circuit breakers, the company has been committed to research and development in this field, making it one of the world’s leading manufacturers of circuit breakers.

Groundbreaking research and design has resulted in innovative LV switchgear, providing users with greater quality, safety and reliability. Today’s LV products feature meticulously designed technology: even the casing material used in the PA (Polymer Ablation type Auto-Puffer) provides greater safety and high voltage breaking performance.

Global products
All LV products are designed to comply with international standards such as JIS, IEC, EN, GB, UL/CSA.

Air circuit breakers (ACBs)
These compact Super AE units come in a broad spectrum of performance categories from 1,000 to 6,300 Amps. The basic unit is available as a fixed or “draw out” design, which can be augmented with options for enhanced overload control, network and energy consumption. Thanks to these features Mitsubishi Electric’s ACBs provide users with the flexibility to meet most applications.

Moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs)
Mitsubishi Electric’s MCCBs of the World Super Series (WS) provide protection across the current range from 32 to 1,600 Amps. Each unit is available in a fixed or slot–in design and has a range of additional options such as electronic trips

Miniature circuit breakers (MCB)
– Trip free mechanism During fault MCB trips even if handle is held in ON position.
– Low watt loss Power loss values are much lesser than IEC specified values; making it one of the most energy efficient MCB.
– Energy limiting class: 3 High current limiting performance under fault conditions achieved due to ultra fast contact opening and rapid quenching of arc.
– Circuit identification Legend plates for circuit identifications and hence enhanced safet

Energy monitoring (ME96 and EMU4)
– Multi-measuring instrument Super-S series (ME96) Mitsubishi Electric multi-measuring instrument SS series features high performance and crystal clear display. With simple operating functions, SS series is the best support to your measuring and monitoring systems.
– Energy measuring unit EcoMonitorLight (EMU4) Simple & easier providing energy visualization. Introducing the EcoMonitorLight, an energy measuring unit with an integrated display that provides easy energy visualization in order to provide ways to save energy and to comply with the Energy Saving Act in response to the need for a simple manner to figure out energy consumption.

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