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Our electric motors are suitable for any applications and uses with exceptional performances. Chtmotor.com products comply with the directives about product as required in all EU countries, to ensure an appropriate safety standards.

Products range
  • Hygienic motors – IP69K serie matt
  • Asynchronous three-phase motors – IE4 IE3 IE2
  • Asynchronous single-phase motors
  • Asynchronous brake motors
  • Asynchronous compact motors
  • Other types


Chtmotor Hygienic Electric Motors are particularly used in machinery and systems for the Food & Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and generally in all the aseptic environments where an IP69K degree of protection is necessary. The most typical industrial sector Hygienic Electric Motors are used for is the Food & Beverage Processing and Handling sector, where frequent cleaning procedures are mandatory in the production of:

Poultry and Meat
Seafood and Fish
Cereals and Pseudocereals
Milk and Dairy products
Bakery products and Confectionery
Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Slides for electric motors

Slides for electric motors are designed to solve the problem of belt tension in power transmissions. Their compact shape and slotted fixing holes allow for easy assembly and an equally simple pulley alignment system. The slides are made of galvanized steel sheet to better protect the slide from oxidation and corrosion.


Slide motor bases allow the wheelbase variation for those transmissions using double expanding pulleys. Furthermore they are conceived and used for belt tensioning in transmissions with standard V groove/timing pulleys.

The compactness and the slotted fixing holes allow an easy assembly and setting.
The features allow the removal of the belt and and the regulation of its tension without removing the motor.

Compact slides SX and SS are suitable for electric motors from size 56 up to 200. Rails SA-SB-SC are suitable for motors up to size 355.

Variable speed pulleys

Variable speed pulleys are the power transmission components which allow the setting of the axle speed in an easy, quick, continuous and cheap way. We offer a full range of variable speed pulleys for every industrial application, ensuring the best functionality and the longest possible life.

  • Broad Reliability
  • Wide range of choice
  • Ease of assembly
  • High precision of execution
  • Competitive in the quality / price ratio

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