PV Rubber Ribbed

Megadyne manufactures J, L and M section multi-rib V belts for use in high speed and high ratio drive applications. Constructed with polybutadiene rubber and polyester cords, our belt flexes around small drive pulleys allowing for high ratio drives to be used in compact drive package design. Multi-V Rib belts run quiet and deliver low vibration and will not turnover at high speeds. Fabric is added to the belts back side to increase lateral stiffness.

In addition to use in power transmission applications like machine tools, compressors, commercial appliances and fitness equipment, rubber multi V Rib belts are commonly covered would high friction, wear resistant rubber for use in applications like puller belts in extrusion applications.

Multi-Rib V-belts conform to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-26 and ISO 9982. Multi-Rib V-belts are specified by the effective length in inches multiplied by 10, the cross-section and the number of ribs – Example: 445J6, where 44.5” is the belt length, J is the pitch and the number of ribs is 6.

Elastic Cord construction Multi-Rib rubber belts for fixed center drives are available for OEM applications. Contact Megadyne to discuss you specific needs.

Timing belts Polyurethane open end MEGALINEAR QST


Megadyne has expanded its range of synchronous polyurethane products with the new MEGALINEAR Quiet Self Track (QST).
The precise and continuous mesh between belt and pulley delivers an improved reduction in noise level, versus traditional types of trapezoidal and curvilinear tooth designs.
Additionally, MEGALINEAR QST products are self-tracking, eliminating the need for flanged pulleys.


The Offset Tooth design allows MEGALINEAR QST to run more quietly than any other synchronous product. MEGALINEAR QST shows a significant reduction of dB (A) in the applications where traditional timing belt tooth profiles are used.
MEGALINEAR QST design consists of left and right Offset Teeth which guides the belt into the centre of the QST pulley, eliminating any belt wander and ensuring high precision linear positioning. The self-tracking nature of the offset teeth eliminates the need for pulley flanges.

Main components

01 / BODY
The body of the belt is made with thermoplastic polyurethane 92 ShA.

02 / CORD
High strength zinc coated steel tension members (S and Z torsion).

03 / COVER
Standard tooth cover in NFT.
Compatible for fabrication with other thermoplastic materials.

Timing belts Polyurethane open end MEGALINEAR QST

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • high torque capacity
  • good resistance to ageing, hydrolysis, U.V.A., ozone, most acids and alkalis
  • greater belt life
  • good resistance to oils, grease and fat
  • MEGALINEAR QST belt working temperature -25°C/+80°C

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