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  • Bearing
  • Danfoss Inverter
    Danfoss Inverter
  • Conveyor System
    Conveyor System
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  • Bearing
  • Conveyor Line
    Conveyor Line

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  • Conveyor Line
    Conveyor Line
  • Bearing

We are very experienced with updating Siemens-S5- and Siemens-S7-controls

We are therefore the right contact partner for you in solving your problems.
We emphasize the importance of practice-oriented symbols and commentaries for our software solutions. This enables the end-user to quickly acquire a detailed overview. The powerful processors of the SPS-Systems result in short cycles  and fast software control of the SPS.

With our own software modules we realize 

  • Diameter and winder computers
  • Dancer control
  • Tensional force control
  • Pressure-difference control
  • Automated control of twist length for cables and stranded conductors

All control modules are graphically represented in the visualization mode and can at the same time be calibrated. Decentralized peripheral systems, SPS systems and process-data logging are integrated by us via the following data-bus systems: Profibus-DP, Industrial Ethernet, Interbus, ARC-Net, Device Net und Mod-Bus. Many years of experience with the processing of mass products have made us your competent partner in the following fields:

  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Cable and Wire
  • Steel coils and Profiles
  • Plastic materials

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